- Bank-in or Online Transfer to our 
             CIMB account
          - Payment details will only be provided upon 
             confirmation of your order
          - Alert us via email once you've made 
          - We do not accept Personal Cheques, 
             Money Orders, Postal Orders or 
             Cashier's Cheques
          - We do not accept PayPal for within 
             Malaysia transactions


My eBay Seller Reference
     - We only accept PayPal - a fast, easy and 
        secure way to pay online
     - All Credit Card purchases must be through 
     - We accept echeck but items will only be 
        shipped upon the echeck's clearance

About Us

Thanks for getting in touch with us. We'll get back to you within 24 hours. We are sorry but we do not have a physical shop space here in Malaysia; we're only operating online. This is to avoid unnecessary costs to be added to our Tupperware prices. Should you need any assistance in selecting the right Tupperware, do contact us. We'd be pleased to be of service to you. Thank you so much! Until then, have a nice day & Happy Shopping!